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After a flood, or interior water problem, a homeowner or commercial property owner starts to think about Mold.  Our primary objective is to locate and identify the root cause of moisture and then to provide a cost effective solution to prevent further occurrences.  When it comes to diagnosing mold in your house or commercial property, you want to use a someone that you can trust, and who will understand your issues.  


Anchor Environmental Services brings over 20 years of experience analyzing, diagnosing, and remediating your problem. Although you can usually see or smell (musty) mold it is sometimes beneficial to perform wipe tests to confirm the presence of mold. In some situations air samples are necessary and are collected inside and outside the building to compare the difference in spore counts.  


At Anchor Environmental, our approach meets or exceeds industry guidelines:


  • We conduct a complete visual analysis of the property with focus on areas of concern that you have, but, also looking for other potential problem areas that we commonly see.

  • ​We can conduct air and or surface sampling all around the structure and the areas of concern.

  • The samples are then sent to a laboratory for analysis.  This analysis will tell us what types of mold are present and its spore population or count.

We then compile the results and send you the results with a complete plan outlining the process with a proposal.  

Our Professional friendly and knowledgeable staff helps safeguard the environment, and its occupants for Hazardous Airborne Pollutants.


Call or email today to schedule your free estimate: 781-834-7645

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